Applegate House, Yoncalla

July 8, 1993

We left SEHS at 9:00 am, with 30 riders, 12 of them being guests (including six men!). Four miles south of Cottage Grove, by old Hwy. 99, we stopped in to see a local company that manufactures “yurts”, the kind of domicile in Siberia, only theirs have many modern features of material. They ship them all over. Still via Hwy. 99, went through Drain south to Yoncalla (pop. 750). It is on the original Southern Pacific R.R. main line south, with freight trains now running quite often. Turning east on “Halo Trail” road, arrived at the old Applegate House, built in 1852! Col. Applegate and Sharon were there to meet us. He gave his overall description of history — the three early brothers, construction of the house, etc. He has made numerous improvements for permanence. Major was a new foundation and repair of rotted timbers. Otherwise it is just as it has been over the years. He took half the group inside, while Sharon took the others outside and gave extended comments on the history. She was an unusual addition to the trip. Had lunch there. The tour really needs two hours. We left for the Douglas County Museum in Roseburg, arriving about 45 minutes late. Had planned on arriving at 1:00 pm; we did call ahead. Two very helpful guides took us around in two groups. Magnificent museum, historical and natural history. Home at 5:00 pm via Rice Hill (ice cream) and a “pass by” Jane Hilt’s house to wave.

Bus riders were Clare Ackley, Kay Anderson, Onnie Baker, Mary Battin, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Dencie Edlund, Elizabeth Fox, Harriet Friday, Gerry Haller, Shirley Hendrickson, Evelyn Hile, Jean & Ray Jensen, Lillian Johnson, Norman Lumian, Frances Newsom, Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier, Peg Rhodes, Alys Riley, Lyle & Maxine Rowan, Betty, Harvey & Randle Speck, John Thompson, Louise Thurber, Christy White; leaders Ingrid Carmichael, and Bill Eaton (substituting for Ardis Ebbighausen).

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