Crescent Lake

December 25, 1992

Like many people, one of my goals was to get through the holidays without gaining any weight. Another characteristic of mine is that outdoor activity is one of my favorite pleasures. Consequently, I signed up to lead a cross-country ski trip to Crescent Lake on Christmas Day even though the club usually doesn’t have anything scheduled for the holiday. Unfortunately, I don’t have the winter driving skills to safely drive over the pass myself, and I was able to find only two drivers out of the ten people who wanted to make the trip. It worked out that each driver was able to take only two other people. I ended up with the dismal task of disappointing four people on Christmas Eve by phoning them with the message that there wasn’t enough transportation for them to go on the trip. Right there, I decided never to do this again. My fantasy had been that the weather at Crescent Lake would be calm, sunny and clear. We would ski around the east side of the lake and lunch beside it where we had a view of Diamond Peak to the west. My fantasy came TRUE in spades. Not only did the weather fit my specifications, but the snow was firm enough so that we sank in only two or three inches when we broke trail. We just saw snowmobiles at the beginning and end of our trip near the parking lot. To top it all off, a mature bald eagle visited the area while we were having lunch! Everyone got to view it through my binoculars. The day was so wonderful I don’t know if I will stick to my decision never to lead another Christmas trip. The participants in my fantasy trip were Bob Foster, Jamie Kiley, Kyle Marriam, Carol Stern and Karin Thompson. A special thanks to the drivers who made the trip possible: Bob Foster and Karin Thompson. Leader: Anne Montgomery.

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