Midnight Lake

December 15, 1992

We set off from the SEHS parking lot promptly at 8 a.m., eagerly anticipating our first ski trip of the season. But when we approached the tunnel on Hwy. 58, we were delayed one hour by a nasty accident (a double trailer rig had slid across the highway and demolished an oncoming passenger car; it took over an hour to remove the passengers and driver). We arrived at the Gold Lake SnoPark at 10:30 in a gentle snow-fall. It felt wonderful to glide over the new snow. We had lunch at Midnight Lake as the sun peeked out from behind dark clouds. We returned past Otter Pond and through the woods to Deer Creek Rd., and enjoyed the long, gentle glide downhill. When we reached the hillside above Bechtel Creek Trail, we made several downhill runs. Then we took a short side trip down (way down!) to the railroad tracks by the tunnel, and a longer trip back. By the time we returned to the car (3 p.m.) we had covered at least 7 miles and felt that we had an adequate workout. We were back in Eugene by 4:30. Skiers were Obsidians Sue Girardeau and leader Joyce Owen and non-member Anne Hartheimer.

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