Brice Creek

November 21, 1992

“Gale force winds”, “torrential rains”, “snow in the mountains”. These were the weather comments Friday night and Saturday Morning. I decided to move the hike to Brice Creek from the upper McKenzie River Trail. Would anyone show up? You bet. Sixteen madcap adventurers! What kind of weather did we have? NO wind and occasional showers. The most adventurous thing we did was rock-hop across small streams crossing the trail. As usual, Brice was beautiful and full. Everyone enjoyed the side jaunt to the Trestle Creek Falls. My thanks to the brave souls who showed up in the parking lot. It was a great day. Nonmembers were Elizabeth Eilers, Marc Hansen, Sue Mombert, Ann Sanson and Helen Van Handel. Members were Susan Baker, Ben Elkus, Ed Lichtenstein, Gary Marx, Lorraine Mombert, Anne Montgomery, John Pilafian, Sandy Reul, Velma Shirk, Margee Wright and leader Sharon Ritchie.

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