North Shore Trail

February 22, 1992

The party met the leader at the Lowell Ranger Station; we then drove five miles along the North Shore Road to the Landax Park driveway where we left a car and drove on up to the west boundary of W.N.F. Our trail was a section of the Eugene to Crest trail; it follows the Lookout Point Reservoir edge just below the road. Some of us were too short-legged to hop across Bannister Creek, so had to back track a short distance and then follow the road to a spot where we could get back down to the trail. We stopped for lunch at the Ivan Oakes Park and found seats on old logs along the edge of the reservoir. Now the water is very low, but later on there will be water up to where we stopped. We then hiked on to the Landax Park where the car had been left. It was the leader’s pickup and by putting the car drivers in the back we all arrived back at the trailhead. The drivers picked up their cars and drove back down to get their passengers. The trail was a little wet and muddy in places and we had to rock-hop several small streams. The rain drops dripped a little on us a few times but at noon we had sunshine. This is an enjoyable section of this trail and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to get out of doors for a while. You can enter or leave the trail at the Ivan Oakes Park, then at a county gravel stockpile, and finally at Landax. [This is a really lovely section of the trail now, and can only be prettier as the reservoir rises. But the low level certainly does not detract from the beauty of the trail. — Sharon.] The 22 participants enjoying the day were non-members Leslie Antkowiak, Barry Beer, Jeanie Holmes, Bonnie Ledford, Leona Maltz, Kara Mayer, Martha Mitchell, Dave & Nowell Sweet, Llary Zay and Monika Zorzan, and Obsidians Ben Elkus, Jody Forell, Sylvia Harvey, Corrine Hunt, Ray Jensen, Joe Lowry, Mary Millman, Sharon Ritchie, Denice Sevigny and (leader) Helen Smith.

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