Cache Mountain

February 16, 1992

I led a Cache Mountain ski trip last year in February but it had been mild and dry and we had to walk across large melted areas; only four people took part. This year, the weather has been mild but we did have a few days of snowy weather just prior to the trip. You can imagine my surprise when 14 people signed up! The Ray Benson SnoPark was crowded, and we passed dozens of skiers on the south loop. The Santiam Wagon Road was empty and we saw almost no one for the remaining four miles to the top of the mountain. Portions of the route up the south side of the mountain had melted. It began snowing as we neared the top of the mountain and we had lunch in the shelter of trees just below the summit. It snowed heavily on our way back down and the trail on our return trip was quite smooth. We had great skiing! On a more sober note — as we were driving home we came upon a car accident near Belknap Hot Springs just minutes after it took place. A man and his teenage son were seriously injured. We stayed until after the ambulance arrived. The “jaws of life” had to be used to open the car. So a word of caution to everyone: Driving conditions in the mountains are very hazardous this time of year. Skiers were Ray Beer, Leona Devine, Filip Ladislav, Jane Hackett, Dick Hildreth, Ed Lichtenstein, Bill Montgomery, Marriner Orum, James Schick, Chris Steels, Suzanne Steussy, Martha Welches and Dave Predeek (leader).

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