Sand Mountain

January 25, 1992

Our destination was Sand Mountain. Nine of us started skiing through the notch of Hoodoo and Hayrick Butte, but one skier had to turn back due to wrong color on waxed skis (which prevented no grip). Upon emerging out of the notch, and beginning our traverse on the back side of Hoodoo, we quickly dropped to the flats below, as the strong wind and face-biting snow made for poor visibility and just no fun! Upon lunching in the flats, out of the wind, we skied to the Sand Mountain Loop Trail. The wind picked up and dark clouds loomed ahead, so we went up the backside of Hoodoo and paralleled the summit until we came to the notch exit. A wonderful day with lots of weather variations of sun, wind, grey clouds and biting snow. A good time was had by Norm Benton, Cheryl Berry, Jane Hackett, Mike Heil, Mardi Klotz, Pam Larson, Tom Mossberg, Hans Scholz and leader Chris Shuraleff.

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