Cummins Creek

January 19, 1992

A sparkling clear, warm day on the coast was enjoyed by our group. The Cummins Creek Loop, starting up Captain Cook Ridge, proved to be an easy and enjoyable walk on well-graded trails and disused logging roads. En route, we were joined by an unsolicited tour guide, a local woodsman who provided abundant, almost non-stop, information on the area’s history, fauna and flora, and whatever else anybody might have wanted to know. What a character! On the final stretch of the hike along the coast, one of our group claimed to have seen a whale spout offshore. This report was greeted with great skepticism by the rest of us, but later we were forced to eat our words when a pod of whales repeatedly surfaced offshore. Closer inshore, the sealions engaged in body surfing in the sunshine. A great day with great company: Dan Bates, Kevin Clark, Angie Cowles, Chuck Mitchell, Claire Tucker and Dallas Hemphill (leader).

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