Santiam Pass

January 9, 1992

On a Thursday morning nine Obsidians climbed into the van and drove to the Santiam Pass area for a day of crosscountry skiing. The sun was out and the snow in good shape. We met Kevin McManigal at the Hoodoo Ski Area and let John and Lenore out to spend the day downhill skiing with their son. The rest of us went over to the Benson Snow Park area and spent the day cross-country skiing. When we got there, only one car was in the parking lot. It is surely nice to ski during the week and we hope to be doing more of it as the winter goes on. All week-day skiers are invited to join us. Skiers were: Dallas Cole, Leona Devine, Bea Fontana, John & Lenore McManigal, Glenn Meares, Royal Murdock, Gene Thaxton and leader Bob Dark.

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