Eel Creek

November 8, 1992

The annual march across the dunes had its usual frustrations with rain and once again the weather turned in our favor. It was crisp, clear and beautiful. The highlights of this trip included: a large herd of elk at Dean Creek and several large bulls, a sealion that did not make it through the last storm, and the most interesting (but perhaps saddest) was the discovery of a gray whale washed up on the beach this fall. Bill, Joe and myself walked up the beach to our lunch spot. We passed by the sealion and noticed what looked like a rock in the distance: it turned out to be the back of a whale. After an hour or so of lunching and walking, the entire group returned via the beach and it was “Whitey” Lueck who finally determined we were looking at a female who had started giving birth far too early and did not survive. I can not really say this was a great find, but it was interesting and it did make this hike unique for Doris Allen, Galye Berge, Bea Fontana, Bep Fontana, Mary Holbert, Kristen Kaminski, Mardi Klotz, Herb Lee, Dennis Lueck, Bill Montgomery, Dave Predeek, Ann Sanson, Gene Thaxton and Jane Hackett (leader).

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