Eula Ridge Trail

November 7, 1992

We began the trip in the rain and ended in the rain. This was a hike that took all day — almost seven hours of continuous walking. Eula Ridge was a challenging hike, especially since the grade was very steep near the top. It was wet at the summit and most elected to eat a quick lunch and descend down Hardesty Mountain. The fall colors were spectacular in the last remaining days before winter. Our group met at the South Willamette Trail junction and proceeded to walk the long stretch eventually connecting with Eula Ridge. The total mileage was over 13 miles. I recommend the Eula Ridge Loop if you want a long hike close to town. Also, try to take the hike before daylight saving time goes off, e.g., in October instead of November. “All-day hikers” were Kristen Karminski, Rita Hansbervin, Ben Elkus, Elizabeth Gates, Marriner Orum, Bruce Abrahamson, Ray Mikesell, John Pegg, Martha Welcher, Grant Wiegert and leader Gary Marx.

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