Fall Creek Trail

October 21, 1992

Beautiful, sunny Fall day as eight hikers started up the Fall Creek Trail from Dolly Varden campground at 9:40 a.m. The trail was firm and relatively dry, sometimes covered with leaves. There was much color, both in the leaves and in the various shades of mushrooms along the trail. We encountered ’shroom gatherers but did not partake outselves. Lunch at Bedrock campground in the sun. Lots of short stops to view the creek and take in a bit of water. We reached the upper end of the trail 7 hours later (14 miles). We were all able to cram into the leader’s station-wagon, saving some shuttle time. At the end we were a bit tired but very content with this lovely trail. Making the trip were Obsidians Marty Hathaway, Ray Jensen, Kristen Kaminski, Gary Marx, John Pegg; and non-members Herb Lee and Ann Sanson (an Australian visitor). Ed Lichtenstein was leader.

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