Fall Creek Trail

October 18, 1992

With an 80-percent forecast for rain, it seemed likely we would have a drippy day on the trail. This prospect probably had a negative impact on the sign-up but a respectable quorum of half-a-dozen showed up. Some people just believe the Fall Creek Trail is a great hike even under the worst conditions. Since I had promised an outing of six to seven miles, we took two cars so we could plant one at the terminal end of the upper trail segment. That particular stretch is 4.7 miles long and we didn’t want to retrace the route. We were hiking by 10:15 am. under splendid conditions and were confident by then that we could complete our mission before any storm front could catch up with us. Enough earlier fall rains had started the mushroom crop and this added another dimension to the wonderland of moss, lichens, fems and fall foliage which we experienced in profusion. We were also impressed with the amount of trail maintenance work that stretch of trail has required. We found one of the many bridges had been crushed recently by a fallen tree. An especially interesting piece of trail repair work we found was where a large tree has fallen at a very rakish angle on a rather precipitous section of the trail. This has necessitated the cutting of foot and hand holds so that a person can clamber over the log while looking nearly straight down at Fall Creek about 125 feet below. We reached the end of the trail by lunch time and after our repast piled in the car we had stashed there and then retrieved the other one at trail head. Together we journeyed to the Johnnie Creek Camp Ground. After a rest stop we then hiked to the Slick Creek archaeological site, rounding out our day. Fall Creek hikers were Doris Allen, Martha Brown, Kent Christoferson, Gladys Grancorvitz, Sharon Ritchie and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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