Diamond View Lake

October 11, 1992

Autumn is the perfect time to hike the area surrounding Diamond Peak. No bugs!! We had a beautiful day — clear blue sky, crisp fall temperature. We had a great view of Diamond Peak and Mount Yoran at our lunch stop at Diamond View Lake. It was especially nice to see that there is still some eater in the lake even in these dry days. I said “no bugs!” but we did manage to stir up one yellow jacket nest, and one unfortunate got nailed five or six times! The trip was planned as a shuttle, so while Bob and Bill drove off to get the van, the rest of us were entertained by the local camp robbers alighting on hands and laps and eating the remnants of our lunches. One lone chipmunk got an apple core and then lost out to an aggressive blue jay who pecked him on the head! It was a very good day for Bob Dark, Marty Hathaway, Ann Hawkins, Mary Halbert, Vi Johnson, Kristen Kaminski, Bill Montgomery, Sandy Moore, Howie Reses, Ann Sanson and leader Jane Hackett.

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