Koch Mountain Trail

October 10, 1992

As announced in the pre-trip “publicity”, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny 76-degree fall day and lots of colorful fall foliage on our drive to the trailhead and walk into the shore of pristine Waldo Lake. We glimpsed some of the 1991 Warner Creek Burn in our approach to the Koch Mountian trailhead. On our drive out we especially enjoyed a surprise walk through the Joe Goddard (old growth) Grove just off the road to the Black Creek trailhead. This magnificent stand of old growth cedar and fir is a “must see” one any future trips into this area. I am saddened to know how little old growth trees still remain in Western Oregon. Hike participants were Carl Brodene, Bob Dark, Elizabeth Gates, Rita Honsberger, Ray Jensen, Vi Johnson, Glenn Meares, Ray Mikesell, Mary Millman, Chuck Mitchell, Clare Tucker and trip leader Joe Lowry.

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