Lithan Falls/Waldo Lake

October 3, 1992

’Twas a dark, drizzly day at the parking lot, at the trailhead, at Lithan (Lillian) Falls, at the Lake, at Lithan Falls, but oh! how brightly the sun did shine back at the trailhead! It was still a great trip. The woods are so beautiful. Lithan Falls put on her best show for us. Finding a safe crossing on two streams proved challenging, but not impossible. Unfortunately, Waldo Lake was not to be seen in the mist. We enjoyed (?!) a fast, cold lunch at Klovdahl Tunnel, then headed back. The highlight of the day was the stop at nearby Joe Goddard Grove, where everyone was properly awestruck at the sight of 600 to 700-year-old trees. Those soaked — but stalwart — companions were members Bob Dark, Gary Marx, Anne Montgomery, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Betty Taylor and Andy Thompson; non-members included Helen Burke, Amber Corsello, Karen Piper and Sue Wolling. Leader was Sharon Ritchie.

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