Girzzly Peak

September 26, 1992

Margee was able to take all seven hikers in her car. Along the McKenzie Highway we saw a coyote, and on the Pamelia road we saw a grouse. We started up the beautiful trail to Pamelia Lake at 10 a.m. This trail is nice with its moss covered logs, rocks and ground, but is even nicer at this time of the year with the brilliant yellows, and further along with the red foliage. The trail is easy, and most of it is free of rock. We were on top before 1 p.m. and had lunch there. Five hikers from Salem had arrived earlier, and about ten Willamette University students arrived while we were there. The weather was partly cloudy, but we were in sunshine part of the time, and the temperature was very pleasant for hiking. Mt. Jefferson rises more than 6,600' above Pamelia Lake nestled at the base of the mountain. It provided a fine view of the peak, except that on this day the summit was hidden in the clouds, down to about 9,000'. New snow from earlier in the week extended down to perhaps 8,000' or lower. The autumn colors on the Clear Lake cut-off were not as brilliant as a week earlier but were still quite colorful, and other areas were near their peak for color. We returned to Eugene about 7 p.m. Enjoying the beautiful autumn hike were non-members Hope Langston and Tom Smith, and members, Sandy Moore, Margee, Jenny & Megan Wright and Norm Benton, leader.

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