Mt. Yoran

September 26, 1992

Leon Danner and Kevin Clark were rewarded with a beautiful view from Mount Yoran after a round trip 12 mile hike requiring a couple cross-country segments off the trail. After hiking to Yoran Lake from Odell, we referred to a compass to guide us to the trail along the ridge near our final destination. We treated gray jays who fed from our hands and at Yoran Lake we saw brook trout patrolling the shoreline as we took a break before continuing on. While we met hunters along the trail there were no people at the summit, which was our goal, until we arrived. On top, and throughout the hike, the fall colors added to the enjoyment of our trip. Continuing the loop hike, we visited Midnight Lake, well known as a cross-country destination. We cross-countried down close to the trailhead from the east end of the lake. Before we left Midnight Lake, two eagles circles and landed in some snags, quite a sight. Back at the car Leon and I felt as if we had our minimum exercise requirement for the day, plus some. We drove a mile to Trapper Creek to view the soon to spawn salmon in the stream, a sight all should see. It was a nice finish, along with a stop at Shelter Cove store on Odell Lake for a cold one.

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