Brice Creek

September 5, 1992

Bob Devine kindly led the Eugene group to Cottage Grove to meet the leader and another local resident. The day began with clouds, but no matter what the elements bring the trail is so pretty under any conditions. By the time the day was out the sun was making beautiful patterns through the trees. We met a few bicycles and one group warned us that someone was shooting across the river up ahead. The shooting paused as we went by. Lunch was a pleasure sitting next to the creek near Trestle Falls trail. Half the group also went up that trail after lunch. One member was having foot problems and elected to wait in Lund Park to be picked up by car. The experience was rather unpleasant since it turned out that was where the shooters were camped. Rain two days previous had cleaned the dust from everything and made for a very pleasant hike for Doris Allen, Shirley Cameron, Bob Devine, Barb Elsen, Gary Marx, Loretta Mason, Chris Robuck and Shirley Froyd (leader).

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