Tenmile Creek

August 29, 1992

The eight of us got off just a few minutes after 8 a.m. in two cars headed for Winchester Bay via Drain. Leaving one car at Ziolkouski Beach, we crowded into the second car for the brief trip to the trail head at Eel Campground. A lovely hike under bright blue skies, gentle breezes, in dunes too restive for roots. Then we stopped by the border of brush that protected the beach. We had wandered too far north. Rather than back-track to the trail through the brush, or bush-whack directly to the beach, we continued north on the edge of the dunes for a couple of miles. Lunch was in a pocket in the brush protected from the wind. Then we found a road that carried us to the beach and foggy mist and wind from the north. Thousands of sand dollars and Joella found the only one still intact. After a couple of beach miles with glasses so misty I couldn’t see with them on, we again crossed over the dunes to go north on the lee side of the dunes to our car. We were: Royal Murdock, leader, Jack & Joella Ewing, Ray Mikesell, Mary Millman, Deana Moss, and Niff Murdock.

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