PCNST (McKenzie Pass-Timothy Lake)

August 22-30, 1992

Saturday, August 22nd – Left Eugene under overcast sky. At McKenzie Pass PCT Trailhead it was misty. This turned to rain and strong winds across the lava beds between Belknap and Little Belknap Craters. Rain ponchos were Required and all of our warm clothes. Very cold. Camped overnight at George Lake, just south east of Mt. Washington. Approx. 6 miles this day.

Sunday, 23rd – Clouds and rain blew away during the night and only a few clouds remained around the mountain tops. We hiked past Mt. Washington and across Hidden Valley of Santiam Pass. Camped at Duck Pond 1 mile north of Hwy 20. 12 miles.

Monday, 24th – Windy all day, but no clouds. Good visibility as we rounded Three Fingered Jack. Could see down into Craig Lake, the Berleys and Duffy Lake. Then Marion Lake. Our next area showed up when we saw Mt. Jefferson. Also saw many Outward Bounder kids. To the east of Minto Pass were many square miles of dead spruce. Camped at Rockpile Lake. 12.1 miles. The weather reminded us of October and hunting season.

Tuesday, 25th – The first relatively warm day. Sort of like mid-September. Along past South and North Cinder Cones and Cathedral Rocks. Above Hunts Cove and dry Pamelia Lake. Camped at Milk Creek, which was unusually clear and clean. 10.6 miles.

Wednesday, 26th – Started a seven hour climb around Mt. Jefferson. Entered Jeff. Park in the afternoon. Many people! A surprise was Park Ridge north of Jefferson. At 7010' was one of the high points on this leg of the PCT. Great views too. First sight of Mt. Hood. Descended to camp at Breitenbush Lake. 12.3 miles. Beautiful weather, not too hot.

Thursday, 27th – Mostly downhill to Olallie Lake resort. Stopped at Upper Lake for a swim and lunch. Then provision stop at Olallie Resort Store, and on to Jude Lake for overnite. 9.8 miles.

Friday, 28th – Many miles through the trees from Jude Lake to Warm Springs River. Big events on this portion were Trooper Springs at 6 miles, one glimpse of Mt. Hood, and elk, and later a black bear. Long day necessitated by limited water sources. 17 miles.

Saturday, 29th – 10 miles through a viewless forest. Some of it was old growth in the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Reached Timothy Lake for overnite camp. Many people here.

Sunday, 30th – Backtracked 1.5 miles to Clackamas Lake Historic Guard Station. Did the guided tour there and then our vehicle arrived for the ride back home. Total miles this trip - 91.3.

Obsidian Rebecca Hansen and leader Dick Moffitt.

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