McKenzie River Trail

August 9, 1992

This hike was supposed to go on Saturday August 8 but was postponed a day due to a schedule conflict the leader experienced, and the postponement took its toll on the number of participants. So, on Sunday, August 9, only six of us reported for duty. Fortunately we were able to set out in two cars. This enabled us to stash one car at the Carmen-Smith Reservoir, our terminus, and we started our hike approximately six miles downstream where a bridge spans the river. The day was warm and we greatly appreciated the close proximity of the trail to the cool rushing water which prevailed over most of the course. We also liked the gentle grade of the trail. There are a few spots where the trail has to circumvent obstacles and on occasion this gets precipitous as hikers must clamber up the wall of the gorge. We ate lunch at one of these points where several large uprooted trees had forced the trailmakers to prepare a detour. While we were eating I looked up and saw that we were sitting under a leaning, partially uprooted tree whose branches had hung up in a standing tree keeping it, for the time being, from crashing down like the others. We didn’t panic and move, but neither did we dawdle over our lunch! By the time we reached the reservoir and crossed back over to our waiting car we were all convinced the distance by trail is greater than the highway mileage suggests. We were all able to get in the one car and ride back to the starting point, and all of the following were homeward bound by 2:30 p.m.: Corinne Hunt, Marie Loome, Hall and Joyce Owen, Grace Swanson, and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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