High Divide Trail #3586

July 26, 1992

This was a hike into history, where we followed in the very footsteps of people who trod this same trail years and years ago. Charlie Tufti, for whom Tufti Mountain was named. He was a Mollala Indian from the Warm Springs Indian Reservation who showed Frank Warner the route to Waldo Lake from Salt Creek Falls; Oregon Supreme Court Judge John Waldo, who rode this trail on horseback from 1872 to 1907; U.S. Forest Rangers Cy Bingham, Archie Knowles, Smith Taylor and C.B. Harvey in 1905 and 1908; Harold and Kenneth McKenzie of the town of Crescent in 1923; and finally us, the Obsidians. Two of the dated tree dendroglyphis were lost to us in a jumble of large blowdowns. Walking back in history were: Barbara Allen, Bob Foster, Gerhard Hoffman, Nowell King, Barbara Lang, Vicki Levine, Ed Lichtenstein, Roger Nichols, Carol Stern, Susan Waite, Margee Wright, Betty Jean Wylie, and leader Bob Cox. P.S. A question was asked, and answered. “How did Mount Fuji get its name?”

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