Carl Lake

July 25, 1992

Take a warm, beautiful day. Add a trail smothered on all sides with huge, ripe huckleberries. Throw in a large turquoise lake just begging for swimmers and an enthusiastic group ready to take advantage of all of the above, and you have the Carl Lake hike. At the trailhead, a ranger, who was packing his horses for a 5-day stay at Strawberry Lake, was pleased to see that we numbered exactly 12. Our 12th person was Eunice Mickel’s daughter, Barbara. Barbara met us at the trailhead. She arrived before us and was being entertained by the ranger when we arrived. He did mention that more bear sign is being seen in the area. If you could have seen the size of the huckleberries, you would understand why. Nonmember hiker/swimmers were Janine Gardalabine, Maggie Gontrum, Julie Greenawalt, Barbara Mickel and Katie Tibits. Member huckleberry munchers were Susan Baker, Barb Elsen, Ben Jeffries, Ray Mikesell, Virginia Prouty, Martha Welches, and Sharon Ritchie, leader (of sorts).

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