Olallie Mountain

July 12, 1992

By 8:00 a.m. hikers, all three, were congregated in the parking lot ready for an exceptionally clear day and sunny hike to Olallie Lookout and Guard Station. The leader had made no rash promises about wildflowers this year since earlier trips this year made her suspect the flora in evidence would be more like the sparse mid-August display than the typical mid-July riot of color. Flowers on the lower trail were nearly absent and color in the meadows was subdued, but the back side of Olallie had some penstemon that normally are not in evidence as well as a handful of aging columbine and Cascade lilies. One delight not recalled in previous trips was a patch of tiny wild strawberries bordering the trail somewhat beyond the spring. Yum. The 360-degree view at the top made a perfect backdrop for conversation, mountain identification and lunch consumption. One other couple arrived in time to share lunch and the grandeur of the day and it was thanks to their foresight that the leader didn’t have to retrace the trail all the way from the springs to the lookout to retrieve her walking stick! They noticed the stick and carried it down from the top where they met with a very enthusiastic thanks. The easily retrieved walking stick left time for the leader, Lin Pierce, to join Hal Busby and Virginia Prouty on the side trip to the Guard Station, and too soon the day was over and we were on our way home.

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