Maxwell Butte

July 11, 1992

Our group left the trailhead a little after 10 a.m. under cool and cloudy conditions, but the 2500 ft. elevation gain in five miles and 2.5 hours provided plenty of heat! No other people were seen on the ascent, except nearing the summit of the Butte a horse party of 10, with one genuine pack mule, was encountered on their way down. The trail still retained enough moisture from previous rains so that dust was not a problem, even through chopped in soft areas by the horse party. The views from the top were rewarding and pleasant, with Three Fingered Jack being the dominant foreground mountain and Duffy, Mowich, Santiam and Berley Lakes scattered invitingly below. Enjoying this day together were Jane Hackett, Ray Jensen, Kristen Kaminski, Nancy Leonard, Gary Marx, Charlotte Mills, Bill Montgomery, Royal Murdock Sig Otto, Gene Thaxton and leader Glenn Meares.

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