Rebel Rock Loop

June 27, 1992

The annual Rebel Loop “Death March” was launched again this year for the eighth time. In the past some (all) of my reports have been late, so I decided to write this up the day after the hike and mail it the next morning. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this one letter got hung up in the mail for, oh say about five months!! As usual, we left the SEHS parking lot at 8:00 fairly sharp. We left the trailhead at 9:55 and made the 5.7-mile junction in 1 hr. 45 mins. (John, of course, had been there for 10 minutes or so). We stayed on the south bound trail and tried a different line for our cross-country trek to the base of Rebel Rock. It proved to be a big success. It was steeper, brushier, longer and we all got scratched up: what else could one want? At the base of Rebel Rock most of the group opted to do the approximately 25-ft. rock climbing scramble vs. the gully chute option. The route had just enough loose rock to make Oregon rock climbers feel at home. Lunch at Rebel Rock, as always, is special: great views with beautiful, rugged surroundings. We left Rebel at 2:00, hiked the short steep way to the top of Rebel Mountain, then down the ridge to the “rock viewpoint”. From there, a brushy cross-country leads out to the Rebel Rock Trail, with a stop at the lookout at 2:45. Then more “up the ridge” to the last panoramic point. After our last grand view we get to do the knee munching steep four miles downhill to the cars. If the trail through the meadows gets much worse, this section will be “cross-country” also!! Those beautiful cars appeared through the trees at 5:00 sharp, right on schedule. What a great day! I couldn’t have had a better group. This memorable odyssey was attended by Buzz Blumm, John Englehardt, Ladislav Filip, Kristen Kaminski, Kyle Merriam, Tim Verkler and leader Ed Lovegren.

(Originally printed in the January 1993 Bulletin)

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