Father’s Day Bike Ride

June 21, 1992

On the first day of Summer, a happy crew of 11 bike riders gathered for a 15-mile tour on the bike trails and streets of Eugene. About half of the group were from a loosely organized group of bike riders who call themselves “Spoke Folk” and who take frequent fun rides together and they do have a good time. Dick Moffitt, Liz Igl, Opal McClelland, Norma Lockyear were from this group. Other more familiar folk were Glenn Meares, Bob Devine, Gene Thaxton, Herb Lee and Bea Fontana. Bea brought her father, Bep Fontana, a new member of the Obsidians, who may soon be hooked on outings with the Club. I first led this outing as a Mother’s Day ride in 1975. Since it has been proved to be a popular outing, I or Bob Devine have led it just about every year since. After a few years of the Mother’s Day pancake breakfast, the mothers decided that Mother’s Day was a day for mothers to NOT be in the kitchen, so they staged a rebellion. They had the breakfast switched to Father’s Day! The ride is an easy paced tour on the bike trails, along the Amazon and the River, on bike lanes and back streets and no hills except the ride up to the Obsidian Lodge where we end with a good breakfast. The abundance of fresh strawberries was a special treat. It is a fun outing: join us next year! Leader was Marriner Orum.

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