Cone Peak/Iron Mountain

June 13, 1992

We all started on the Cone Peak Trail by walking from the parking area down the highway, which adds another half-mile to the trip. The weather was all set to rain, but not too hard. It did turn to sleet at a higher elevation. We did get to see some wild flowers in the rock gardens along the path. Even though the rain and clouds prevented a view from the top I think everyone was thankful for it, so I’m sure everyone enjoyed the day. Everyone except the leaders made it to the top. The leader lagged behind to take full advantage of the lush plants and foliage, including picking a 1-lb. Sparassis radicata (cauliflower) mushroom. Probably the rain shortened our trip somewhat, since we returned to Eugene at 4:00 p.m. Hikers were Don Bienvenue, Rob Castleberry, Marty Hathaway, Sylvia Harvey, Carolyn Kompanik, Sandy Moore, Gary Marx, Dawn Ream, Dorothy & Fred Munz, Sharon Ritchie, Laghall Starkel, Betty Jean Wylie, and leaders Ted & Nola Briles.

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