Cummins Creek

June 7, 1992

Since only two others signed-up for this hike, we decided that we could do as we pleased. The Coast was clear, sunny, and not much wind. The Upper Cummins Creek Trail looked dark and closed in, so we checked in at the Visitor Center as to other trails available. We decided on a Forest Service ecology tour to Old Growth Spruce led by a very entertaining and knowledgeable Forest Service worker. The tour consisted of high school students from the Portland area, and that was an education in itself! We then hiked a few tide pool trails and decided that the trail to the top of Cape Perpetua would be the best choice on a day like this. Great trail: old growth, wild flowers and spectacular views north and south along the Coast. Enjoying this grand day was Betty Jean Wylie, Gladys Grancorvitz and Carolyn Kompanik (leader).

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