Bunchgrass Trail/Warner Creek Fire

June 6, 1992

Just before beginning our hike, we had a good view of four cow elk and two calves; all were sleek and fat, and fresh tracks were seen later, crossing the trail, throughout the burn. We ascended to the Bunchgrass Trail through a clear-cut and followed the ridgeline a short distance through a non-burned area, complete with blooming rhododendrons, and into the burn. The difference, of course, is quite profound, but throughout the burn are pockets of green and in the burn itself tree seedlings are sprouting along with native grasses. In other pockets the fire destruction is complete, destroying the soil/duff and into the tree root system. It should be noted that even though this fire was arson caused, historically this area has experienced many fires throughout the past. Part of our group remained in a small ridge meadow for lunch while the remainder proceeded on to an overlook into Big Bunchgrass Meadow and the Diamond Peak/Willamette Pass area. Fire hikers were Bruce Abrahams, Ladislav (Les) Filip, Sylvia Harvey, Vi Johnson, Gary Marx, Virginia Prouty, Chancy Sanah, Christy White and leader Glenn Meares.

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