Moon/Spirit Falls

May 31, 1992

Another beautiful day in the woods! Although some who hadn’t read the description on the sign-up sheet were not too sure. Walking three miles uphill on a gravel road with the accompaniment of the sun beating down was met with some grumbles; especially when they found we could have driven to the trailhead! But that’s no fun, and aren’t we here for the experience? But no complaints when we suddenly came upon Moon Falls. Our table had been reserved and lunch was enjoyed at the base of this mystical fall. Back the same three miles via gravel road with a detour to Spirit Falls. Some were not too sure they wanted to hike the extra half-a-mile, but with a little encouragement all made it, and were so very glad they did! Magnificent Spirit Falls with its inviting pools was well worth the effort. Home by 4:00. Thanks to a good group consisting of Ray Beer, Marcia Cutler, Bep Fontana, Anne Hartheimer, Diane Jeffcott, Ray Jensen, Myra Lovett, Sandy Moore, Velma Shirk, Dona & Kelly Smedley, Birgitte Williams and Virginia Prouty (leader).

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