Brice Creek Trail

May 17, 1992

Recently returned from hiking amongst sandstone monoliths, fins, arches, hoodoos and spires in the desert Southwest, I didn’t have high expectations of enjoying Brice Creek. I immediately was proven wrong! This trail is a jewel with its many old growth firs, deep green pools and lush gorge with waterfalls. We 11 hikers all high-speeded along (thanks to neat bridges over streams) to our destination and lunch. Our trip out was quite different. The sun, beautiful creek and great company enticed us into slowing down. We stopped to absorb and finally experience what I feel is Oregon’s greatest gifts — trees and water. Strong hikers finishing the 12-mile hike were Angie Cowles, Ray Jensen, Grace Swanson, Rhonda Dietrick, Bonnie Manheim, Pam Larsen, Cheryl Berry, Annette Borsig, Gladys Grancorvitz, Betty Jean Wylie and Carolyn Kompanik (leader).

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