Middle Fork Willamette Trail

May 9, 1992

A small group of three met leaders Jan & Rich Anselmo for a hike along the Middle Fork of the Willamette Trail. The area around Chuckle’s Spring where the hike started was so beautiful I thought I had died and gone to heaven — huge trees, sparkling streams, moss … The Forest Service is doing a great job of putting in steps and bridges where necessary on this part of the trail, most of which goes along the river with great views. At some points we would be high above the river and see it from on high … then sometimes not at all. The weather was perfect hiking weather — pleasantly warm with no mosquitoes. The group spent an hour eating lunch and napping by the river. At one point is a sign and picture marking the original cabin of Stephen Rigdon and his wife and children. They sold goods, blacksmithed, etc., for those pioneers traveling along the Military Wagon Trail. Parts of the present-day trail go along this historic Wagon Trail. It felt like we were stepping back in time! On the way back, the group took a short side trip and hiked around Indigo Springs. A very enjoyable day with fellow hikers Leon Dannen, Sylvia Harvey and Velma Shirk.

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