Threemile Lake

May 3, 1992

One could not ask for a nicer day than May 3rd when our two carloads of hikers set out for the coast. Threemile Lake was our objective and there was never any doubt that we would have sunshine all the way. In our car, Gladys Grancorvitz found herself among a bunch of past, present and future educators who talked shop most of the day. The Gingerbread Village, near Mapleton, got a modicum of business from us in exchange for a run on their restrooms, and we were at trailhead by about 11:15 a.m. Following lunch at the march objective, we quickly reached a consensus to hike out to the ocean and return along the surf line. This was a treat until we reached the spot where we had to slog through the soft sand to get back to the forest trail. So, by the time we passed through Florence on our way home we were ready to take on more nourishment in the form of ice cream and frozen yogurt at B.J.’s. Adding to the interesting conversation of the day was Sig Otto’s friend from Cologne, Germany. In addition to those two and Gladys Grancorvitz, already mentioned, other hikers included Bruce Abrahamson, Frieda Dorsey, Grace Swanson, Polly Tripp, Don & Susan Tucker and Vernon Barkhurst (leader).

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