Takhenitch Dunes

April 26, 1992

Three economy cars, packed with Obsidians and former Bostonian Susan Brookfield, headed west to the coastal dunes on Sunday morning, April 26. While the weatherman did not guarantee a day without rain, we enjoyed sunny conditions most of the time. The party — many dressed in light clothing and sporting sun glasses — began the hike surrounded by flowering rhododendrons. An early lunch at a spot overlooking the ocean and dunes was not exactly what the leader originally had in mind, but with so contented a group who was to argue? While the hike to the ocean was uneventful on the whole, Gladys Grancorvitz did threaten to take a swim in Threemile Lake, but settled for a wade in the ocean shallows instead. The beach was all ours, except for a couple of other souls, and several in the group mentioned that it was such scenes — free of crowds — that had brought them to Oregon. With all but two of the party familiar with the route, it would seem to be impossible to lose direction, but that is just what happened as we entered the pines just off the beach. This independent group had gone AWOL on the leader by this time so he was not consulted regarding the route. However, by a process of elimination, we found the trail which led us to the trailhead. The rains hit as we finished the trip and we hurried to pack up for home. One car full of supposed health nuts was seen leaving a convenience store loaded with hot dogs, candy bars and pop, it must be noted. (We must keep an eye on this group at Summer Camp in the event they take an extra sweet at lunch … !). A special thanks to drivers Parker Riddle, Susan Baker and Mary Holbert. Other hikers were Mary Millman, Andy Thompson, Alys Riley, Susan Brookfield, Valerie Stuart, Anne Montgomery, Ben Elkus, Gladys Grancorvitz, Teresa Ladd and Kevin Clark, leader.

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