Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 25, 1992

A dinosaur-like tree trunk covered with moss and licorice fern greeted us as we started down the Muddy Creek Trail. After crossing two wooden bridges we took a path to the left and came upon a small meadow with the early morning sunlight dancing on a field of green grasses, fringed cups and buttercups in full bloom. However, the trail disappeared, so our next stop was the historical Fiechter House, the Refuge Headquarters, and the red barn where swallows were busily building their nests. Hiking along the road to Cabell Marsh we saw a field of sweet rockets and sorrel and wild roses and discovered where the Muddy Creek Trail comes out of the north-east corner of the marsh. (This will make a third loop trail to explore on the Refuge next time.) Lunch stop was at the Woodpecker Loop Trail and after that we hiked the Mill Loop Trail. We left the Refuge by the west entrance and stopped briefly at Bellfountain where we visited the Community Park and the historical church. Cold refreshments at Junction City D.Q. ended a fun outing for Bep Fontana, Donna Goles, Leona Maltz, Christy White and leader Dot Leland.

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