Rogue River (Paradise Lodge)

April 11-12, 1992

Forty-six hikers left Eugene in nine cars Saturday morning bound for Marial on the Rogue River. We arrived at noon, ate our lunches and started the 4½-mile hike in from the parking area. Each went at their own pace, some taking a little over an hour and others taking all afternoon. Most watched a group float through Blossom Bar Rapids, which was interesting in that some of them didn’t seem to know what they were doing and ended up swimming through! Saturday night we had a great dinner and then a great night’s sleep listening to the rain on the roof. After breakfast on Sunday morning 27 hikers started down river to do the 12-mile hike to Illahe. The rest of the group went back to Marial and the cars; seven of us started a 62-mile, 2-hour/45-minute drive to shuttle the cars around to pick up the hikers. (I want to thank Gene Thaxton, John & Lenore McManigal, Mary Battin, Vi Johnson and Jean Gillette for driving the shuttle cars, for without their help the 12-mile hike would not have been possible.) I would also like to thank Glenn Meares and Sharon Ritchie for co-leading the down-river hike. It went without any problems and was enjoyed by all. This was a really wonderful group of people and I feel everyone had a great time.

Making the trip were: Mary Battin, Mary Bridgeman, Genie Currier, Bob Dark (leader), Jean Gillett, Vi Johnson, Dot Leland, John, Lenore & Steve McManigal, Jeannine Mercer, Ray Mikesell, Mary Millman, Mary Jo Templeman, Gene Thaxton, Lee Everett, Mark Farah, Rex & Shirley Stevens, and (12-mile hikers) Doris Allen, Mary & Richard Bentsen, Harold Busby, Ed Fiegenbaum, Bea Fontana, B.P. Fontana, Jane Hackett, Sylvia Harvey, Nancy Leonard, Ruth & Waynme Iill, Glenn Meares, Charlotte Mills, Anne Montgomery, Bill Montgomery, Lindsay Pierce, Sharon Ritchie, Barbara Schram, Chris Shuraleff, Betty Staeck, Joyce Strassberg, Charlene Talkington, Betty Taylor, Dennis Urso, Birgitte Williams, and Evelyn Everett.

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