Menagerie Wilerness

March 29, 1992

Once again Oregon weather surprised the forecasters! With rain in the forecast, we began our day with the clouds beginning to break-up and patches of blue. Ten hikers set off for Menagerie, arriving at the trailhead at 10:45 a.m. As we started our climb to Rooster Rock (our destination), we were treated to Trilliums in bloom, a few Yellow Violets and a delicate “dusting” of Lady’s Slippers along much of the trail. Not far into the hike, layers were shed, and many of us marveled at what felt like a summer trip! As the temperature climbed, and the trail climbed (2,300 ft. in all), the conversation turned mutinous and a detailed explication of the term “moderate” ensued! With a few well-placed rests, our crew found our destination bathed in sun. With all of the Menagerie in full view, as well as the North and Middle Sisters, lunches were eaten and long naps in the sun enjoyed. Let all future trip leaders beware! This was an unruly and headstrong group, who voted out the original plan for a loop hike and a two-mile road walk, and chose instead to return by the same route! Were it not for the help of a few loyal Members, several might have descended by watercraft or air routes. The anarchists in tow and disaster averted, we returned to the Trout Creek trailhead at a leisurely pace. All in all, a wonderful day with excellent company! Hikers included Michael Heffley, Ben Elkus, Barb Schram, Gary Marx, Parker & Kathy Riddle, Dan Bates, Christy White, Martha Brown and leader Karin Thompson.

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