Larison Creek

March 28, 1992

On March 28 — bright, sunny and in the 60s — we met to stroll along Larison Creek. Initially, seven people were on the list and ready to go, but perhaps the unseasonably nice weather brought out three others. Two of them, young ladies on their first hike with us, provided an alternative approach to meeting with the group at the trailhead. After a 15-minute wait at Green Waters Park in Oakridge and an additional 15-minute wait at the Larison Creek trailhead, the rest of the group departed. We hiked along the creek and 2½ hours later, at the lunch break, our two wayward hikers joined us! They were quite miffed that we had departed without them! When asked if they had had car problems delaying them, they responded that they had not, but rather had stopped for breakfast. How foolish of us not to have realized this and waited for them!! Non-Obsidian hikers were Marsha Mitchell, Sue Mombert, Jamie Kiley, Gail Russell, and Alison Major; members were Ben Elkus, Lorraine Mombert, Bob Dark and trip leader Chuck Reul.

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