McKenzie River Trail

March 15, 1992

We were scheduled for a cross-country ski trip; however, our early Spring turned this outing into a wonderful, pristine journey on foot from Trail Bridge to Buck Bridge along the Upper McKenzie River. Hobbits, playful trolls and magic dragons danced to the serenade of the singing waters. Chloris, the Greek Goddess of Flowers, was there with trillium. We all were impressed with the beautiful log bridges and stone decor on our journey through this, our enchanted garden. The old growth trees stand majestic; the symphony of our river was endless, orchestrated by our tender footsteps. Orange and purple kayaks teased the roaring, white waters on this elfin journey to forever. Wishing you were there to share with seven Obsidian dwarfs: Annette Brosnig, Kevin Clark, Bob Foster, Virginia Prouty, Carol Stern, Parker Riddle and leader Kathy Riddle.

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