Washburn Loop

March 15, 1992

It was a good, warm, very nice spring day for walking the Washburn Loop, and the ocean tide cooperated by going out at the time the group walked the beach north. The hike started at the Campground entrance at the well-marked trailhead on China Creek after a send-off from Ray, the congenial and enthusiastic Park Ranger. The Loop hike includes walking to the end of the China Creek Trail (literally — the sign says “End of Trail”), back to the Valley Trail and a visit to the beaver lodge and on across Highway 101 and down the Hobbit Trail to the beach and north back to China Creek and into the Campground. Skunk cabbage and other wildflowers are abundant. The hike has a great mixture of rugged/eroding coast, old growth forest, beaver marsh and a magnificent creek. A terrific group of hikers included Bruce Abrahamson, Rosemarie Atencio, Susan Baker, Ray Beer, Barbara Chinn, Dolly Gori, Maxine Hall, Barbara Helberg, Ben Jeffries, Nola Kalez, John Koon, Leona Maltz, Gary Marx, Mary Millman, Sharon Ritchie and leader Mary Ellen West.

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