Fall Creek Trail

November 12, 1992

One last “Trail Day” ended a successful 1992 trail maintenance season. Six workers met at the uppermost Fall Creek trailhead. Laden with tools, we marched two miles west to the infamous and treacherous 1-a-n-d-s-l-i-d-e!! Under Sue Baker’s able supervision, Mike and Ray dug, Sharon and Velma moved dirt around, and Harvey sawed wood and drilled holes. What we achieved was a “crib” — an open square of 4 x 4’s about two boards high, secured with long metal rods, enclosing and holding dirt and rocks to make a stable surface. This makes a safe platform to step down upon from the big log that now intersects the trail at this steep landslide site. Starting work in the afternoon, we finished in time to return to the trailhead at 5:00, before the light failed, and we drove home in November’s early dusk. The muddy crew consisted of Harvey Speck, Sharon Ritchie, Ray Jensen, Mike Shirk and Velma Shirk (trip leader), with Sue Baker (USFS, Lowell Ranger District). Velma thanks you all for support and participation in the 1992 trails projects, and is happy to relinquish the chairmanship to the very able hands of Ray Jensen. Let the good work continue!

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