Broken Top/South Sister

September 19-20, 1992

The group met in Oakridge at 7 am. We drove to the Green Lakes trailhead and got started hiking at 9:10 am. Rich’s forecast of clearing skies was right on — we left in drizzle and proceeded into the sunshine. After lunch at our camp spot below Broken Top we headed for the summit. The weather was pleasantly cool for a climb. Everyone felt strong so we made good time reaching the final pitch. We met a woman waiting at this point for her husband — which in itself is not that big a deal except that she was holding a balloon saying “Happy 60th Birthday” — her birthday! After setting up a rope we made our way to the summit. The trip down the scree field was fast and efficient. Jan went by her compass to hit the camp site, remembering her husband’s familiar words … “Always trust your compass” as everybody kept saying we were more to the right. Sure enough, the compass dropped us right in front of our tents. Everybody set up camp and chatted around the stoves as we ate and had our usual political discussions.

The night was balmy but very windy during the later evening. Next morning we left for Green Lakes to drop our packs before heading for the South Sister summit. This trip took us 2 hours 45 minutes to the summit. Again, great weather to climb in with the usual breezy weather on top. After lunch and naps we “screed” our way back to Green Lakes and then on out to the trail head. Summitters were Jan and Rich Anselmo, (leaders), Bill Reiswig, Jamie Kiley and his friend Allen Glenn from Atlanta, GA. Rich and Jan have been on a few climbs with Bill and Jamie now and really enjoy their company — until the next climb guys! (PS – this climb had four people from Atlanta on it ya’ll!)

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