Diamond Peak

April 18, 1992

Diamond Peak has become an annual spring event for some of us! This year, more than the usual small group decided to climb and ski the peak in April. After a 9 a.m. start at the Pioneer Gulch trailhead, we followed tracks through several inches of fresh powder all the way to the summit. The wintry conditions were surprising, with a thick layer of hoar-frost covering the trees near timberline. And the view was spectacular above the clouds with mainly the higher snow-frosted peaks visible. After stashing our downhill equipment at the false summit, we reached the top by 2 p.m. Most of the group had downhill skis for the descent, which with the two snowboards was very effective in the by-then wet and heavy Cascade cement! The three telemarkers had a slower time down, making up for the wait we had while the alpine skiers were ascending with their heavy equipment. And the climber beat us all down, because he went ahead, following the tracks. The peak is made for skiing, and next time I’ll get an earlier start in similar snow conditions! Downhillers, Snowboarders, Teleskiers and Climbers were Andrew Cabrera, Dick Hildreth, Eli Volem, Fred Kellner, Geoff Ginther, Harold Thompson, Josh Wesley, Luke Howard, Mazzi Eruales, Tim Trujillo and (leader) Ruby Seitz.

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