Diamond Peak

April 18, 1992

Slightly frozen but controlled smiles from the climbing participants greeted the leaders (Weatherman Jan Anselmo and Weather-bunny Jan Anselmo) under the Sentry awning at 6:00 a.m. … as the rain came down … Rich assured everyone that the skies would clear! Upon starting our climb at the Pioneer Gulch Trailhead around 7:45 a.m., we hit snow within 30 minutes! After setting a compass bearing, we were tromping through the woods towards the south-west ridge — our route to the summit. There was an abundance of snow from a storm the previous week which caused us to have to do some post holing. We climbed above the clouds, and into sunshine (Good thing for the Weatherpersons … Huh!!?) Beautiful cornices on the final pitch were spectacular. Congrats to 12-year-old Nathan Griffith for reaching his first mountain summit!! Our group spent about an hour on the top just talking and snoozing. It is a wonderful sight to be high above the clouds with mountain peaks all around breaking through the cloud tops. The snow was too soft to glissade in on the way back. Most of the group was able to join the Anselmos at their home for the annual “Diamond Burgers” cookout. You guys were a great group: Tom Donnelly, Nathan & Warren Griffith, Dallas Hemphill, Gil Laas, John Pegg, and Judith & Larry Smith.

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