Fall Color Trip

October 3, 1992

Saturday morning left S.E.H.S. parking lot, went up Hwy. 58 to the Oakridge Ranger District office. Met guide David Hausmun, Project Director for the Warner Creek Forest Fire Recovery Efforts, who gave a short lecture in the conference room — a preview of the coming trip and the fire. Drove up 10 miles to the Eagle Creek Rd., then up a few miles to the southeastern edge of the fire. Our weather hassled us in the morning with heavy mist, but not so much we could not see enormous firs blackened trees throughout. On the way back to the Office, David stopped into the Blue Pool Park to show the group what a yew tree looked like. Unfortunately, the bus hung up on two stumps, necessitating a call for help. The driver’s call on the “CB”, reached a passing trucker on his way to Oakridge; but he found a heavy duty tow trucker nearby, just completing another job; so help was very prompt. It was quite a show (unplanned). We got started on Aufderheide Drive a little late; but went all the way up to about 3500 ft. to the Box Canyon Guard Station; and then all the way down to the McKenzie Hwy. in good time. Color all the way up and down, quite a bit of red, orange, and yellow. Made it to the Village Cafe at 3:45, where the leader had prearranged our arrival. Place was nearly empty, service was good, the pie better, and some Obsidians passed the coffee up! One of the novelties was the use of the tape player with tape describing the over-the-ridge trip. Back to S.E.H.S. at 5:15 p.m., only 15 minutes past the schedule. Riders were: Claire Ackley, Rita Baxter, Ingrid Carmichael, Marie Carstensen, Harriet & Paul Civin, Bernie Claypool, Helga DeFoe, Marjorie Eaton, Jeanette Forsman, Bette Hack, Margaret Hutchison, Helen Johnson, Rosella Jones, Bea LeFevre, Mary McLaughlin, Cleora Mersdorf, Lois Schreiner, Grace Smith, Betty Jean & Harvey Speck, Louise Thurber, Christy White, Hawke & Ruth Williams, and Leader Bill Eaton.

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