“Mystery Trip”

May 12, 1992

Left S.E.H.S. parking lot at 8 a.m. Took I-5 to Lebanon exit for potty stop in that town’s River Park. Out to Waterloo, with view of falls on South Fork of the Santiam River, showing three boats and one wader fishing for salmon (one large one held up for us to see, from the bridge!). By various back roads and by-ways, arrived at the large metropolitan community of Lecomb, then north by more of the same, to little-seen country, arriving at “Bird Haven” at 10:30, southeast of Stayton. It is a farm/orchard where the couple have some 700 bird houses strung out through the orchards, populated by hundreds of swallows, as their equivalent of pesticides. It works, but the old boy has to take them all down in the winter for cleaning and repairs. He really knows his birds from real actual extensive experience, not just book learning. He has numerous types of bird houses, and various methods to cut down on the predators. Had lunch with beautiful view out over a steep valley north, and left at 12:45, headed for where, no one knew … until Brownsville showed up. On the way many back roads and some confusion on which, through Scio and back through Lebanon again. Drove up to the Moyers House at just 2:00 p.m. as scheduled and Ann — the Queen Bee — was waiting. All volunteers, and they are jewels! What they have done to the house in recent years is magnificent: you ought to see it. One reason the stop was planned was that only four-fifths of the 26 riders had ever been there! Saw the Historical Museum, and goodies at the famous “General Store”, where the surroundings are great, the food better, and the ladies are dressed like ladies — for a change! Left at 4:00, with arrival at School at 4:35. Beautiful day, crowd had a good time, easy return.

Riders were: Murray & Wilda Agate, Rita Baxter, Ingrid Carmichael, Jessie Chase, Clair Cooley, Helen Curry, Marjorie Eaton, Rose Franklin, Harriet Friday, Rita Gallagher, Bette Hack, Geraldine Haller, Shirley Hendrickson, Margaret Hutchinson, Virginia Kapsa, Bea LeFevre, Myrtle Sagen, Lois Schreiner, Grace Smith, Lila Smith, Robin & Ethyl Steussy, Ruth & Hawk Williams and Bill Eaton (leader).

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