Cummins Creek Wilderness

February 23, 1991

This was an all day outing that was educational and thought provoking, a moderate trail hike in idyllic weather on the Oregon Coast. This group of 22 met first with Paul Englemeyer of the Ten Mile Association. He is an avid naturalist and with the Ten Mile Association is working effectively to protect a corridor linking the Rock Creek and Cummins Creek Wilderness areas. The two wilderness areas and the corridor linking them comprise an area of 33000 acres. He reports that Conservation International has completed its North American inventory of temperate rain forest and finds this to be the largest unlogged coastal temperate rain forest in the lower 48 States! He urged support from our hikers and membership. Hal Hushback then described the Adopt-A-Grove program, the old growth Grove we were about to see and importance of public awareness of the limited area and potential logging of such areas. The hikers greatly appreciated the insight the two provided before hiking through the Grove. Following the information briefing, the group divided itself into two smaller groups to hike the Adopt-A-Grove/Wilderness Trail. Since it was a loop trail, one group of 12 left with hike co-leader Joella Ewing, another group of 10 left with John Corliss, each group hiking in opposite directions on the loop trail. The Sitka spruce and old growth Douglas-fir and western hemlock were enormous, towering giants representing hundreds of years of growth accumulation. The large number of large trees there left hikers with a deep sense of awe and wonder. Of course, the dreamlike weather—temperature about 70 degrees, no wind and bright sunshine—contributed to the thorough enjoyment of this trip. Hikers were David and Matthew Burks, Kevin Clark, Jane Corliss, Ben Elkus, Gladys Grancorvitz, Hal Hushback, Sachika Iwasahi, Dot Leland, Myra Lovett, Carrie McClish, Glenn Meares, Mary Millman, Lorraine Mombert, Sig Otto, Virginia Prouty, Phyllis Sambe, Florence Trentacostl, Birgitte Williams, Hawke Williams, John Corliss (trip leader) and Joella Ewing (trail co-leader).

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