Walker Mountain

February 17, 1991

Looking for a good ski trip in a low snow winter? Try Walker Mountain! After finding insufficient snow on the road to Beales Butte we headed for Walker Mountain. We were able to drive to the upper road (No. 9402). That road had sufficient snow to enable us to ski the 3 miles to the lookout at 7,080-ft. elevation (map shows 7,078 feet). I am always amazed at the skeptics who drop out the night before the trip due to concerns about snow levels and other silly things. Out of an original sign-up of seven, four of us had a super good time and we enjoyed the great pie at the Wheel in Chemult. Skiers were Dennis (Cherry pie) Biesecker, Genie (Cherry ala mode) Currier, John (Mince) Pilafian and Wes (Gooseberry) Prouty (leader).

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